With collective experience and knowledge exceeding 50 years, Cerberus can help locate individuals for various purposes, whether they are missing relatives, witnesses required for legal cases, or debtors who have intentionally absconded abroad.

Cerberus has an extremely high success rate in locating missing persons and debtors, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Using a variety of extensive databases and data sources, Cerberus can start a trace with as little information as the name of the individual and last known location. The Cerberus tracing team then cross–references and verifies the data, to provide the most accurate and current information.

Cerberus offers the following tracing services:

  • Past and current address verification
  • Finding missing relatives
  • Tracing debtors who have absconded
  • ‘Trace and collect’ debt collection services

Whether you want to find one person or a high volume of people, give us a call or email today. We will assess your requirements and provide a fixed–fee cost per trace.

Asset and Status Confirmation

If you want to know the status of an individual before launching legal action; Cerberus offers a specialist research service to establish the true financial picture of the individual's assets.

Our asset and status investigation helps you decide on whether to pursue damages claims and litigation.

These investigations are tailor made for our clients as the type of information required can vary. Generally, the reports include: 

  • Specialist tracing enquires to confirm current residence
  • Property Ownership enquiries (complete with valuations of owned or linked properties)
  • In-depth exploration into business interests and the financial standing of associated companies
  • CCJ/Insolvency checks
  • Shareholdings (within the FTSE 350)  
  • Employment Tribunal checks
  • Bespoke media searches
  • Social Networking and Online Presence profiling

 For more information on our fixed-fee "pre-sue" enquiries, please contact us via telephone or email

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