IP Surveys

We provide tailor made IP surveys across all industries in most parts of the world. 

Whether the survey is to check a market prior to launch of a new brand or to test the level of counterfeit products in the market, we will assist. 

IP Surveys are conducted in open markets, trade fairs and specific districts of certain countries of interest.

We can target wholesalers, retailer or manufacturers. 

Usually the surveys involve visiting multiple outlets in a particular industry sector searching for specific brands, trademarks, lookalike products or other specific IP identifier. 

Our reports include:

·      Correct address details of the outlets visited

·      Photographs of each outlet

·      Sample purchase

·      Invoice/receipt

·      Estimate of stock levels

·      Summary of the size and scale of the outlet visited

·      Overall summary of the size and scale of the use of the particular brand in the marketplace

IP Surveys are conducted within an agreed timeframe and a fixed budget.   

For more detailed information about this service or for a quote, please contact us:

Email: contact@cerberusip.com