Information About Protecting Your Privacy

After being involved in the Erasing David documentary, we found many people asking us ‘how can I protect my private data?’ or ‘what can I do to reclaim my privacy online?’ It’s scary to think of the sheer scale of data capture which affects everyone us in our daily lives:

  • train companies and the transport agencies can track our movements to and from our homes
  • supermarket loyalty cards link every purchase we make to build up a profile of our shopping habits
  • social networking websites encourage people to publicise their friends, connections and lives and sell such data to marketing companies
  • CCTV monitors peoples lives on a constant basis


In 2007, it was reported that over 37 million items of personal data went “missing”. Most of the data was lost by government officials being absent minded enough to lose USB data sticks or CDs containing the data, but NHS trusts, local councils, banks, insurance companies and retail stores also mislaid personal information of members of the public.  Furthermore, there is no record of the volume of private information which is leaked, discarded or binned by ourselves. 

We trust the government and private companies to look after ‘our data’ and in many cases small print allows the ‘use’ of this data for unspecified means.  Erasing David exposed just how easy it is to use personal data to find people and build up a profile of their lives based on what can be found from online sources and databases (and even from what is thrown away).

Cerberus can offer a number of services and products focusing on personal data and how to protect yourself against privacy loss and start managing the data you are giving away!

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