Covert IP Acquisitions

Covert purchasing of domain names is a growth area in the market and for this reason we have a specific team in place who deal with these purchases and who have been conducting this type of work for many years.

Initially we locate the owner of the domain name by using our internal specialist databases and our experience. We then make an approach directly to the owner to establish if they are prepared to sell the domain name and then proceed to negotiate a price.

To protect the identity of the real purchaser and keep the price low we use the name of an individual or one of our front companies; which have dedicated telephone, fax lines, emails, stationery and bank accounts that can trade in pounds, euros or dollars.

In the majority of past cases we have managed to negotiate a relatively low price for the domain name that we have purchased on behalf of a client. We usually complete the transaction by using a third party like Escrow to ensure security for each side, however we can and have completed these transactions by personally meeting the sellers and exchanging the money, normally in the form of a bankers draft, for the assignment of the domain name.