Online Brand Monitoring with BITE!!


The Cerberus BITE  programme, which is our online monitoring and takedown service proved to be a popular topic during our recent trip to INTA. BITE stands for Brand Infringement Takedown Enterprise. It seems that both lawyers and brand owners are pleased to know that online counterfeiting and infringement issues can be tackled by undertaking this service.  This is certainly true for one of our clients who we have removed over 7,000 infringing listings for since August 2010. If we consider that number to be sales diverted away from the real deal, then that is worth approximately £2million in genuine goods! 
BITE is a fixed fee service undertaken by humans (and not machines or software) on a daily basis (including weekends). We provide you with a report at the end of the month which details everything that has been taken down, analysis and recommendations. If you would like further information about this service, a free snapshot of one of your brands, or have any questions then please contact us at