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Lucidica - Our IT Support company (Thomas Jeffs helped out on Erasing David!)

Green Lions – The production company behind Erasing David.

International Trademark Association - The organisation representing trademark owners which is dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property worldwide.

Directories we’re in/on – The Essential Legal Contacts Directory. – We're listed under Detective Agencies. – A directory of UK based small Businesses. – A directory for Intellectual Property firms.

London Business UK Directory. We are listed under London Legal Services category.

We're listed in Directory World - The Human-Edited web directory.

Business Directory - attract the right results with Businessmagnet the online directory.

A useful business directory is the Advertising for small businesses

We're featured in business GALORE! - UK Business Directory

Cerberus is also in the The Business Line Directory which promotes local businesses.

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