IP Surveys & Market Monitoring

IP Surveys

Cerberus provides a fully tailored range of IP surveys all over the world including Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Western Europe. Our IP surveys can provide the following:

- Rapid identification of counterfeit or grey-market products in the marketplace.

- Reports on the prevalence of a particular product, brand or range of products in a specific marketplace.

- Samples and price-points of counterfeit products and photographs to use as evidence.

- Accurate information on the sellers of particular products. 

- Recording of sales techniques to assess mis-use or mis-selling of a brand or company .

We cover trade shows (regional and International), retail or service outlets, and specific geographical areas - towns/cities, countries or region.


Market Monitoring
Cerberus provides many of our clients a service to monitor the marketplace for sales of counterfeit versions of their own brands. We provide this service in many countries across the world. Our market monitoring programs are all tailor made for each client and the fees and terms are fixed in advance. We do not require minimum contracts with our clients so they can start and stop a program whenever they like.


IP Surveys in action
One of our clients was concerned about the prevalence of their most commonly counterfeited products (handbags, watches and jewellery) available from retail outlets in main tourist destinations in Western and Southern Turkey. Therefore, over a two week period in Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir and using a range of approaches, we were able to survey and gather detailed intelligence on the number of counterfeit items in each store including photographs and their price. We also recorded the owner and the location of each stores and even provided a comparison between the number of counterfeits of our client’s and their competitor’s brands. 

Following our survey, the client was able to target the hotspots and organise raids against stores based on the evidence we had provided.


For more information on how our IP surveys can help your brand, please get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.