Sample Purchases and Signage Photographs

Sample Purchases

Cerberus can conduct anonymous sample purchases of products from companies – and websites – throughout the world.

Whether you need to discreetly purchase products for use as evidence, or just for your own knowledge, Cerberus can assist you.

As experienced investigators, often (whilst making these purchases) we also find out much more information about the target we are buying from: sometimes this leads us to manufacturers.

Our front companies have physical addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites, email addresses, credit cards, bank accounts and cheque books so we have many different ways to make purchases and keep our real identity and the identity of your clients hidden.  All sample purchases are provided with the evidence required, to use in a court of law. 

Signage Photographs

Cerberus has successfully obtained signage photographs from golf clubs in Pakistan, and shoe factories in India, to auto part distributors in Turkey and Russia.

We have a network of agents on the ground world–wide. They can react quickly and discreetly obtain signage photographs on buildings.  

If you need to make a covert sample purchase, or obtain signage photographs, get in touch by phone or email today for a fixed–fee quotation.