Internet Investigations

With the rapid expansion of Internet commerce, and the resources available to the police being limited, the onus is falling on businesses to enforce their IP rights on the Internet. They engage professionals to gather evidence which could be used in prosecutions.

If a third party is using your trade mark (within a domain name or on a website), or is selling counterfeit/infringing goods on the Internet, we can help you discover who is behind these activities.

What we do

We offer a number of services for eBay and other Internet-based markets, including a monitoring service to detect IP infringements. These help trace stolen goods, identify the perpetrators, and gather evidence. They help any trap purchases required.

Our team of experts will tailor the investigation to your needs.  Our clients’ needs vary enormously: so our first step is to make an assessment of the requirements. Only then do we apply the different skills and strategies needed to get the job done.

In most of these cases, identifying the perpetrator behind the Internet profile is the first step, followed by evidence gathering. The results can vary according to the circumstances. It can involve anything from continued monitoring of the situation to preparing statements – to enable the police to execute warrants.

How we do it

We use our in–house databases and searching tools to locate the target company, individual or outlets behind the Internet presence.

We make suitable approaches directly to the target using our established eBay profiles or other forum trading accounts. Our experienced professionals will engage in dialogue and trade, to discreetly uncover sensitive information.

We use specifically set up front companies; these have dedicated telephone and fax lines, email addresses, business cards, stationery and bank accounts that can trade in all currencies.

Our Team

Our team is experienced in all aspects of Internet trading, with members who have previously worked for eBay Powersellers and as individual traders.

We have up–to–date knowledge of the latest legal and legislative developments, and have undertaken email tracing and numerous domain name purchases.

We are experienced in providing evidence – and statements – for police warrants and have completed investigations which resulted in arrests and convictions.

Case Study

A high profile success was the WHITE STUFF project which resulted in the recovery of £50,000-worth of stolen goods (for full details see our news section).