Anti Counterfeiting

Cerberus conducts anti–counterfeiting projects, to obtain evidence on and identify sellers, and tackles the following issues:

  • Sale of counterfeit or infringing products on the Internet
  • Identifying individuals behind websites and eBay/online auction accounts
  • Sale of counterfeit or infringing products in markets and retail stores
  • Identifying distributor networks and factory locations

We have undertaken anti-counterfeiting on behalf of clients, in many industries, that have issues with counterfeiters or infringers. These include footwear, FMCG, sportswear, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, confectionery, apparel, electrical goods, household goods, alcohol and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, automotive products, toys, watches, luxury goods, computer software and music.

If you are facing a problem with the sale of counterfeit goods, contact Cerberus today by email or call us.


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