Cerberus History

Cerberus was, in Greek mythology, the fierce triple-headed dog who is the guardian of the gates of Hades, or hell. The main job of this beast Cerberus was to keep the evil, corrupting and wicked spirits of the underworld in Hades, where they belong, and so stop them from escaping up here, into the Free World, the place of the good and the true.

Cerberus was briefly overpowered by Heracles (or Hercules) in his 12th and final labour, and was brought up to this world. Being a good strong dog, though, he soon escaped and went back to his job of guarding the gates of hell and is, as far as anyone knows, still there to this day.

We liked this story and thought that Cerberus would be a good symbolic image and logo for our company as we protect our clients' brands and ensure that the bad guys (counterfeiters, thieves, infringers and so on) are corralled; caught, stopped and taken out of circulation.

Being purists, we started with the earliest known depiction of the beast through research at the British Museum (www.britishmuseum.org) as carved on a piece of ancient Sarcophagus. By special arrangement with the museum, as they did not have this sarcophagus out on display, we were led deep into their vaults to view it with one of the curators to examine it in detail. Although part of the beast was missing it was good to see Cerberus in one of the most original forms known to exist.

Cerberus then commissioned an artist to design our logo from this research and after much work she gave us two images as the finished designs; the Heraldic Shield and the Portcullis.

 Cerberus logos

As the heads appearing over the portcullis look so fierce (you can actually see slavver dripping from which deadly-sapped aconite flowers, and Wolf's Bane, are said to spring from!) we chose the more traditional heraldic form on the left to have on our letterhead. We do use the other one though, here and there on special projects, and the portcullis itself for background.