Erasing David

In early 2009 Cerberus was involved in the making of a feature documentary called ERASING DAVID. The film was given Number 1 in the Independent’s top 10 picks of the Sheffield Film Festival. 

Having premiered back in November 2009 at the Sheffield Documentary Film, Erasing David is now available on DVD or you can buy or rent on iTunes.The film serves as a reminder of the amount of data that is out there on each one of us. 

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The London premiere took place on 29th April 2010 at the Brixton Ritzy and was followed by a post screening debate with Will Self, David Davis, Shami Chakrabarti and Michael Nyman

Erasing David was created by filmmaker David Bond who realised he is living in one of the most intrusive surveillance states in the world. He decides to find out how much private companies and the government know about him by putting himself under surveillance and attempting to disappear – a decision that changes his life forever. Leaving his pregnant wife and young child behind, he is tracked across the database state on a chilling journey that forces him to contemplate the meaning of privacy – and the loss of it.

David Bond tries to escape for a month and challenges Cameron Gowlett and Duncan Mee of Cerberus to track him. The film charts the battle of wits between David and the pair as they close in.

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