Online Monitoring and Takedown Service

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WHAT does it do?

BITE removes fake and infringing goods from the internet.

BITE will identify, then aggressively takedown IPR infringing goods sold on hundreds of auction websites across the globe. 

It generates status reports so that you can see how many have been removed, where from, and what they were worth. We show what is still posted too, so that instead of a rudderless ship you are in control of wider internet sales again and can steer our response against auction sites and sellers in real-time, wherever they shift.

HOW does it work?

To do this we have in-house native speakers of Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian and Spanish working 7 days a week on BITE. We have other language speakers and readers that we bring in if needed for individual cases where new geographical hotspots are found.


BITE works 7 days a week because infringers do too. This catches any sellers that set up spot-auctions over the weekend and stops them falling through our net. It is a common ploy because they know most brands cannot do this. We use humans, not software, to identify infringements in photographs, images and text too because the text alone may not flag items as infringing.

We started years ago with simple eBay monitoring and product removal through VeRO. As we chased persistent infringers away from sites selling directly to consumers onto other platforms, particularly B2B wholesale platforms like DHgate, Made-in-China, GlobalSources and so on, we saw that these sites are where the large-scale traders of infringements buy the stock they later sell on eBay and on other B2C sites. Now we target that flow of products before it can reach the end-user so readily. Some of the biggest are in Chinese language only – as are the takedown procedures.


The scale of the problem, and therefore of our effectiveness, is vast. For one client alone in October 2011 we have culled over 32,000 infringing listings from the web, mostly in China, worth £6.5 million in genuine retail sales which they would have impacted on if they had made it onto eBay. Some of our clients have much smaller problems than this and we can clear them up over just a few months.

For BITE to work, the infringements must be detectable from the listed goods on the internet (in other words we need to be able to spot them, sometimes this is by price point or the location of the seller) and they must be in breach of at least one item of the brand’s IPR; trade marks, registered designs, patents and sometimes copyright. 

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Don't leave your brands unlocked to counterfeiters - get BITE to guard and protect them! 


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