Cerberus IP was founded in 2005 by Duncan Mee and Cameron Gowlett, both from an IP background.

Duncan has worked in the IP industry since 1985.  He is the Operations Director and oversees the global headquarters and our online Brand Protection program, BITE.

Cameron has been in the business of IP and Brand Protection since 1998.  He manages international operations in Turkey, Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

Both are expert in running complex international cases showing clients who is behind counterfeit versions of their brands. Over the years, they have run projects that have uncovered factories and distribution networks in many difficult territories. They have exposed factories making counterfeit alcohol in Russia, counterfeit cigarettes in Indonesia and multiple auto-part counterfeiters all over the world as well as in most market sectors from fashion, pharma and FMCG’s to merchandising rip-offs. Evidence has led to raids for product and tooling seizures as well as financial compensation for the clients. Tracking the identity of the ringleaders, rather than the workers, is often the main key to success.